Machining, Nonconventional Machining, Tools, Rapid Prototyping, Manufacturing Processes, Welding Processes, Plastic Forming Processes, Materials, CAP Technologies, CIM, Engineering of Polymers, Powder Metallurgy, Measuring, Thin and Thick Coatings, Surface Engineering, Molding Processes, CAM technologies

Wood products, Woodworking, Wood Industry, Processes, Furniture and furniture components, Manufacturing, Wood materials, Engineered wood, Veneers, Lumber

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Building construction, Materials, Machines, Industrial construction, Heavy and civil construction, Construction processes, Expertises, Procurements, Design and build, Environmental engineering, Municipal engineering

Materials, design and development of textile and clothing products. Technologies and production processes. Information systems. Intelligent production processes. Quality control and ISO norm. Anthropometry and garment systems. Trends of development.

Industrial Robots, Microrobotics, Programming, Simulation, Virtual Manufacturing, Automation, Aerospace technologies, Nanotechnology, Nuclear physics

The legal and economic framework for achieving European standards.Legal and economic obstacles. Suggestions, measures and optimal solutions for achieving European standards in the area of production systems, business climate and competitiveness and labor market Reforms in the legal and economic system of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a precondition for joining the European Union

Quality Management, TQM, Maintenance, Quality improvement, Quality standars, Quality terms